Types of risks and coverage considered

Institute Time Clauses but will consider all internationally recognised wordings, including Owners Special Clauses, depending on the specifics of the risk and on a case-by-case basis. The different types of cover we provide can be summarised as follows.


Hull and machinery

  • Cost of repairing physical loss or damage to the vessel.
  • Reimbursement following a total loss of a vessel, either actual or constructive.
  • Expenses to prevent or mitigate a loss (sue and labour, salvage, general average).
  • Collision and third-party liabilities.
  • Expenses associated with claims (survey fees, expert fees etc.)

Short-term risks

  • Physical loss or damage whilst a vessel is laid up for an extended period, usually in excess of 30 days. Coverage can be extended to include limited navigation depending on the type of risk.
  • Tows – Demolition and repositioning voyages.
  • Under own power – Demolition and repositioning voyages.

Increased Value/ Disbursements/ Freight Interest

  • An agreed amount paid triggered by total loss on the hull and machinery policy covering the anticipated future earnings of the vessel providing cover that is traditionally excluded by a loss of hire policy.

Ship builders and ship
conversion risks

  • Physical loss or damage whilst a vessel is being constructed, undergoing conversion or repair works.

Loss of Hire/ Earnings

  • Cover for loss of charter / income following physical damage to the vessel.

Marine War cover

  • Physical loss or damage to the vessel caused by a war peril.
  • Loss of Hire / earnings as a result of a war peril.
  • Drugs seizure cover for innocent owners and operators.

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