AMPHITRITE UNDERWRITING | Types of risks and coverage considered
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Types of risks and coverage considered

Amphitrite predominantly underwrites insurance and reinsurance on Institute Time Clauses but will consider all internationally recognised wordings, including Owners Special Clauses, depending on the specifics of the risk and on a case by case basis. The different types of cover we provide can be summarised as follows:

Hull and machinery

  • Cost of repairing physical loss or damage to the vessel.
  • Reimbursement following a total loss of a vessel, either actual or constructive.
  • Expenses to prevent or mitigate a loss (sue and labour, salvage, General Average).
  • Collision and third-party liabilities.
  • Expenses associated with claims (survey fees, expert fees etc.).

Loss Of Hire/ Earnings

  • Loss of income following physical damage to the vessel.
LOH 2 (1)

Increased Value/ Disbursements/ Freight Interest

  • An agreed amount paid triggered by total loss on the hull and machinery policy covering the anticipated future earnings of the vessel providing cover that is traditionally excluded by a loss of hire policy.

War and piracy hull cover

  • Physical loss or damage to the vessel caused by a war peril.
d war piracy 2 (1)

Short-term risks

  • Port Risks
    • Physical loss or damage whilst a vessel is laid up for an extended period, usually in excess of 30 days. Coverage can be extended to include limited navigation depending on the type of risk.


  •  Voyages
    • Tows – Demolition, vessels going for repair etc
    • Under own power

Ship conversion risks

  • Physical loss or damage whilst the vessel is undergoing conversion or repair works.
e.conversion 2