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Who we are

We are a specialist marine-insurance underwriting agency based in the City of London.  We are a market leader of marine insurance products offering innovative, bespoke and trade specific risk transfer solutions to our clients. We combine deep industry knowledge with a pro-active, can-do attitude to offer our policyholders operational value, a superior claims service and above all peace of mind.

Our Culture

At Amphitrite Underwriting, we have a unique approach to risk. Exceptional comes as standard. We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that pushes us to constantly challenge market norms. We work in a horizontal and collaborative environment that encourages free thinking and empowered decision making.  We are committed to positioning ourselves at the forefront of the industry, anticipating and managing upcoming trends using in-depth research and risk intelligence.

Setting Standards

We leverage end-to-end bespoke loss prevention and loss mitigation solutions across a diverse range of risks and products developed over decades of industry experience. We maximise the value of our product offering, providing a far superior product versus the traditional, more commoditised transactional approach to risk transfer.

Seamless Service

We operate through an open and transparent framework and encourage our clients to collaborate with us to design and deliver the most cost-effective customised products that are truly fit for purpose. We provide a seamless service offering constant direct access to the expert decision makers within our business. Our people are empowered to make informed decisions quickly, reducing turnaround times and greatly enhancing the experience of all stakeholders throughout the entirety of our product’s lifecycle.

Empowered Leadership

Our specialist underwriters are internationally recognised market leaders with over half a century of combined experience within the global hull and machinery market. Amphitrite Underwriting has unparalleled technical capabilities and a comprehensive progressive view of the ever-changing marine landscape and emerging trends. Whatever your needs and regardless of the size or the complexity of the risk you wish to manage, we will work closely with you in order to design and produce competitively priced customised insurance solutions.


Amphitrite Underwriting Limited is a Managing General Agent and Coverholder backed 100% by Arch Capital Group Ltd, a Bermuda based public limited liability company which writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance on a worldwide basis. Arch Capital or ACGL has over $30bn in assets and a financial strength rating of A+ from Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and A.M. Best Company.

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